Omi + SUI (water)

OMI (近江) is the former name of the central Japanese region, presently known as Shiga Prefecture, the heartland of Japan. The rich natural environment allowed for OMI to flourish as a center for harvesting and commerce in ancient times. Today’s Shiga plays a prominent role in offering sumptuous, earth-born delicacies.





Shiga Prefecture, home to Japan’s largest lake (Lake Biwa) is flanked by luscious green hills in the spring & summer, and beautiful snowcapped mountains in the fall & winter seasons. Shiga’s natural environment is simply Mother Nature at its best. Only in such unspoiled natural surroundings, can OMISUI water be found!

Drink water for life, it’s really that simple.


Fun fact: Japan is home to some of the world’s longest-living people. There are well over 140,000 centenarians, or people aged 100 and above in Japan.

Blessed with abundant and thriving natural surroundings, the residents of Shiga enjoy the highest average life expectancy of all 47 prefectures in Japan. 

Our take: Since water and air are the two most important factors for survival, good natural water is perhaps the reason why the people of Shiga have such longevity. Although we can’t breathe the same air, at least we can enjoy the same invaluable water! All natural water bottled in OMI (Shiga Prefecture).


Fun fact: Only 0.03% of the world’s water is drinkable.

Of the 0.03%, 70% is used for agriculture. Which leaves less than 0.01% of the world’s water available for human consumption. 

Our take: In comparison, OMISUI is significantly scarcer and by no means in great abundance. Discovered by chance in an underground cavern, every bottle of our water should be savored so that more people around the world can enjoy its enticing mellow sweet taste. 


Fun fact:  The direct correlation between good natural water and world-renowned fare such as Wagyu Beef (Omi Beef), and Shiga Rice is unmistakable.

Our take: 100% Agree. The wholesome goodness of agricultural products and vibrant livestock are dependent
of clean viable water which is prevalent in Shiga Prefecture.

Purity and Quality

Our water is sourced from pristine springs, undergoes rigorous purification, and is bottled with precision, ensuring that you get the highest quality hydration with every sip.

Our Promise

we’re your trusted partner in staying hydrated and promoting a sustainable future. Our promise to you is rooted in our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Special Feature

We take pride in the crisp and refreshing taste of Omi Water. It’s the result of our dedication to preserving the natural minerals while removing impurities, providing you with a taste that’s simply unparalleled.

Our Range

A wide and sustainable range that offers the right drink in the right container for every situation.