The superior water among great water

Treasured water captured in Shiga Japan

OMISUI Natural Mineral Water represents a revelation on par with the world’s discovery of sushi and matcha, remaining one of the best-kept water nourishment secrets now being unveiled to the world. All natural and refreshing, until you try it – you never knew what you were missing.

Our Products

100% pure unadulterated
water bottled at the source.

Our Water

Deep beneath the majestic mountains in Shiga, Japan, lays a quiet underground world offering precious natural water flowing through layers of granite bedrocks over decades of time, removing any impurities. Raw and purified through this natural process, our water has an exquisite smooth taste with nothing extra added or needed.

Exquisite smooth taste

OMISUI has an extinctive soft in your mouth taste that goes down easy like no other mineral water in the world. Our extra soft water is derived from natural process only nature can offer. More importantly, it is gentle on the body.